Anuv Jain’s “Gul” is a melodious bittersweet song that brings out many emotions

Although 2020 has been a stressful year for many, Anuv Jain with his release of “Mishri” & “Alag aasmaan” kept them hooked on these songs throughout the year. He has come a long way since his debut release “Baarishein” managing to capture the attention of the audience through his meaningful lyrics and soft voice.

Here he comes again with the first release of the year “Gul”, it is all about a fairytale we dream about which might not necessarily come true but we still believe in that magic. Over the years Anuv has not only impressed us with his voice but the lyrical meaning of his song, and this song is proof not only does he have a melodious voice but also knows how to give them a deeper meaning to it.

Don’t forget to check his new track below

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