Prateek Kuhad captures our heart with a city romance ballad “Shehron ke Raaz”

Prateek Kuhad is a very familiar name in the Indie circuit and has managed to build a huge fan following for himself. When a former US president listens to your song then you know you are a big deal. 

He has been releasing new songs in a few weeks and out of the four releases so far “Shehron ke Raaz” has managed to capture the essence of what he is known for, the soft melodic tone and backed with great piano play. This song manages to bring out the feelings of nostalgia, almost transporting us to a fairytale place igniting the lovely feeling of being in love, and well love in a city that pauses the time and makes us enjoy the moment.

Don’t forget to check out  the lovely  animated video for the song “Shehron ke Raaz”

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