Tienas releases his new terrific rap track “Anti Freestyle” in collaboration with Zero Chill

Mumbai-based rapper Tienas is on a roll with his new release “Anti Freestyle”  where he has collaborated with upcoming talented producer Zero Chill. This comes just after his last release “Brian O’Conner” which was released last month.

This track is a heavy bass rap track and in this, he has tried a new style to his rapping which makes it more catchy. Already touted as the Eminem of India, this song only proves what he is aiming for. As the description of the music video says this is just the start he is aiming for the top place, his rightful place which is the top of the Hip Hop game. This makes it more exciting, let’s see what is in store for us from this artist this year.

Check out his music video which is shot featuring him and his entourage.

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