New Release Alert: Upcoming Indie Electronic Producer Pina Colada Blues releases his new track “Just Friends”

Kerala based Kevin Shaji aka Pina Colada Blues in collaboration with Kalume & Double J the Rapper released their track “Just Friends”. This release is a single after his Album release “Once upon a Blue Moon”.

This track is a mixture of a lot of genres Rock,Rap,Jazz to name a few, as the name of the artist suggests it is a cocktail of different genres into one song. It might sound weird at first, though I found it interesting that it managed to mix it all. The music screams 80s to the core, starting off with swing or jazz catching it up with classic 80s Grunge Rock drums intro and turning into a funk and rap song. Be it the flow of the rap and the beats of the music go well with all the other contrasting sounds.

You can listen to this track in the link below. Excited for more such songs.

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