Ritviz & Nucleya collaborating for the first time on their new Album “Baaraat”

Ritviz and Nucleya both artists are not new to the scene, both have managed to gain popularity for themselves in the music scene. They both have their unique music style and it is interesting to see how their collaboration pans out.

The album “Baaraat” will consist of 8 tracks and will be a collaboration with other artists as well, one of the songs “Naina” will be with none other than Divine. Their first song “Sathi” was supposed to be released yesterday but due to some reasons, it has been delayed. As the reveal says there will be a new track released every Friday as each artist took to their Instagram handles to reveal this news to their fans.

Ritviz has always been about mixing classical music with electronic while Nucleya fusioned with Folk music, it will be a good experience for sure when they release their songs.

Stay tuned for further updates on their track releases.

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