New Music: Ahmer is back with his powerful new release “Saladin”

Kashmiri Rap Ahmer has released his new single “Saladin” after his previous track last month “I.D”. On this track, he has collaborated with Nagpur-based producer GNRS.

‘I.D” his last release is followed up by “Saladin” which follows the same theme as his earlier songs, which is heavily inspired by what is happening within his community and the worldly view of them. This track is about how his community is being viewed and criticized by the mainstream media around the world. 

Needless to say on the lyrics with every song release Ahmer has managed to improve and impress us and the production has also been getting better, really loved the sound on this track kudos to GNRS.

Ahmer has been rising ranks and left a deep impact on the minds of people. Really excited about the growth trajectory of this artist.

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