New Music: Anoushka Maskey is here with another soulful track “Eventide”

I came across her song “Enter the End” and was mesmerized by the beautiful and soulful voice melody of the song. She is back with another beautiful composition “Eventide”.

This song is a collaboration between Anoushka & Cosmic Grooves aka Pranay Bakshi. Pranay Bakshi is Mumbai based engineer and producer while Anoushka hails from Sikkim. This collaboration has resulted in a soulful rendition of how life in this pandemic has changed and remained unfulfilled. The inspiration of the song is from one of the life chapters of the artist’s life. The lyrics, the composition, and the guitar chords perfectly fit together while also maintaining the originality of the ukulele tunes along with the melodious voice of Anoushka.

The lyrics of the song are mature and reflect the thoughts of the artist itself and I am happy to see some good lyrics which make the listeners take notice and make them think and transform their thoughts. 

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